Monday, 4 January 2010

Ms January Reprised

My weight waxes and wanes, as do my oestrogen levels. Currently, they're 5 times the previous record (or were, 3 weeks ago) for no apparent reason. And I've been losing some weight (Hurray!). the two may be connected: they're certainly correlated.

Back in 2006, I posted a picture of myself on my blog, at a time when I just started hormone treatment at full-strength doses, but before there could have been any effects visible from any hormonal treatment.

Hear I am, 4 years later, Age 51 not age 47. Looking a bit better than most of the pictures in between times, though I could look better still.

Now to go for another blood test at the end of the week. I've been off all oral hormones now for two weeks, but there's been few of the usual signs I get (skin oiliness, hirsutism) from oestrogen deficiency. Some PMT though... so we'll have to see what the next blood test brings.

I can usually forget that my metabolism is odd, and pretend that I'm just another woman with a Trans history. Not always though.

For comparison, the photo in 2006, in approximately the same natural pose (yes, I tried to shackle the variables, I'm a Geek Girl Scientist, remember, as well as being maybe a teeny bit vain... Ok, a lot vain...):

Hmmm.. could definitely do with losing a few more kilos... still, not too shabby for a woman in her 50's. That tum has got to go though.


Lloyd Flack said...

The recentent photo looks particularly like your neice Amber. But then the resemblance always was strong, more so than to your sister.

Zoe Brain said...

You mean, as in this photo?

Yes, we could be sisters. in personality too....

RadarGrrl said...

Very nice. You look so much more comfortable in the new one than you did four years ago. Love the long hair too.

Anonymous said...

That is ungodly the world's ugliest man, wishing to be ungodly the world's ugliest woman in the world. It's no wonder why you make real women puke when they see a man looking like the ugliest woman

Zoe Brain said...

Thanks Nicky. I'll delete any posts by you that are not signed RAD FAB from now on.

Do you wish me to restore the one I deleted, or e-mail it to you so you can re-enter it with your new RAD FAB Monicker?

It's important that you pick an identity, and stick with it you see. Just so other commenters who may not be familiar with your characteristic style know that they're talking to the same person.

Thank you for abiding by the terms of service:
Commenters are expected to be polite to each other, but the same standard doesn't apply to comments regarding me.

Jamiegottagun said...

From what I understand, estrogen lowers your metabolism, meaning it's easier to gain weight and harder to work off with excersise. I've seen a lot of girls pack it on after starting HRT.

Don't even think of starving yourself, it doesn't work. Find a gym you like, or some other heavy physical activity, and start trying to work it off.

Anonymous said...

After being on the Internet for sixteen years, I can offer this profound insight:

There is no gal out there who won't make some guy go totally ga-ga. And that includes you, Zoe.

So, work off the pounds if you must, but do it for yourself, for your health. Don't think you're any less a hottie with the curves.


RadarGrrl said...

I happen to think Zoebie's an absolute cutie, and a sweetheart, and really makes me smile when she pretends to sleep in a submarine.

Anonymous said...


That all said, I'm obliged to charge in here and defend the lady's honour. Zoe is an amazingly beautiful woman.


Zoe Brain said...

Who said Chivalry is dead?

Thank you, Kind Sir.

Laserlight said...

You look cuter than you did four years ago. You also look significantly younger now, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Don't let Nick get you down. You look great, Zoe. Nick isn't exactly a looker.

Zoe Brain said...

Nicky isn't my type anyway. I'm fairly broad-minded, but a guy who has a diaper-fetish, and goes around threatening violence.... no. Not even if I was desperate.

I'd like to help him - on one of his latest posts he states he doesn't know whether he should be a boy or a girl.. but I think he should work on being a decent human being first.

There's probably one in there, he's intelligent, sometimes insightful. But I can't heal the world's woes.