Sunday, 7 February 2010

Second Paper In

Just before midnight, and perhaps 12 hours before the cut-off date.
...We describe the results of a set of experiments using the PyEvolve Genetic Algorithm (GA) toolset to determine optimum parameter settings for a simple GA in the Computational Chemistry problem domain....Results suggest that there are weak emergent properties from combinations of parameter settings, and that they cannot be studied adequately in isolation.
Now for a well-earned rest, before proceeding with the next step.

If it's accepted - a big if - I'll be going to WCCI 2010, the World Conference on Computational Intelligence, in Barcelona.


Fran said...

I'll cross my fingers for you!!

Carolyn Ann said...

As do I. :-)

Carolyn Ann

Laserlight said...

How early will you be leaving for Barcelona? Approx July 2-13 I'll be in Oz, starting at Brisbane and then wandering around.