Wednesday 17 March 2010

Intersex and Surgery - The Hungry Beast

"The media is a hungry beast; it devours everything and is never satisfied."

Some fodder us more palatable than others though. ABC's The Hungry Beast program is edgy, and omnivorous. It tackles issues without the saccharine-laden BS normally served as a side-dish to make it go down smoothly to the general public, preferring acerbic wit instead. As I've found out from many people contacting me, it has a far larger viewer base than they know.

For Foreign readers who may not be able to view these clips, try this official YouTube version of the first one. I'm working on getting the second one available overseas too.


svelte_brunette said...

Nice video Zoe. Funny thing though, you don't seem to type with an accent! ;)

Anonymous said...
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