Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lost Skills

Somewhere along the evolutionary path from proto-simian through hominid, something got lost. A skill possibly instinctive, but most likely cultural. Taught from generation to generation, "Monkey See, Monkey Do".

Now, though it's taken awhile, a network of interlinked computers spanning the planet is propagating this rediscovered knowledge.

How to peel a banana, properly.

Human see, Human do. It is our way to propagate knowledge through prosthetic memory though, be it cuneiform tablet or Internet video. It's our style, what we as a species, do.

Yes, I've tried it. The only bit that gets squished is the fibrous black bit on the end that no-one eats anyway, and the stalk provides a convenient handle. Be warned though, the end bit isn't anchored firmly to the skin, so the whole banana slips out rather easily if you're not careful and peel too far.


Anonymous T-Girl said...

Step 2:

Eat it 'upside down' in front of a boyfriend to provoke a moment together.

It works. Scientifically, i'm sure.

Zoe Brain said...

If I ever acquire one of those, I'll try that.

kae said...

A banana?

(tee hee)