Friday, 18 June 2010

He Shoots... He Scores!

Object of the game: to chase the ball into the goal - or if it won't co-operate, have it as a snack. The Orca equivalent of Basketball. Or possibly the reputed original form of Buzkashi, which used a live animal to make it harder.

Three cheers for the ball - and another for the sportsmanship shown by the players.

Orcas are about as intelligent as the brighter dogs - but their intellect is alien. Not so alien that humans can't understand their games though. If we meet another technological species, they are likely to be even more strange. But we may have things in common, nonetheless.

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Emily said...

That's fabulous! I was watching that and thinking 'what a shame that the penguin won't dare to jump on the boat to escape' and then it did! How lovely!!! :)