Saturday, 12 June 2010


From a friend's blog:
I was going to write a different post. It was a bit more cheerful. But the cheer has left.

In the process of writing it, I learned that one of my T-Daughters has passed away.

She was beaten and dumped in an alley and left for dead. To many, she was just another Native gal.

She was found and taken to a hospital, and despite some strong efforts, she’s passed away.

May she have the peace she needed.

We met at TIH. She’d come in from the street, skinny and bedraggled and yet there was a spirit in her that I envied. The moment we saw each other we formed a bond that was never broken. She was the first gal to call me mom, my first t-daughter. We helped each other, even as she fought some personal demons that I knew would lead to this, and I did my best, and my best was never good enough.

Let your God’s love embrace you, little Tae. You deserve it.

Rest, child. Rest.
No rest for us though, is there Dyss? Not while this happens. We grieve, we mourn, and then amidst tears of rage and sorrow, renew our vows never to cease, never to surrender, never to let our opponents rest a second while they allow or encourage this to happen.
And to give what help we can, especially to the young ones.

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