Thursday 12 August 2010

The Fireman's Wife

As a follow-up to a previous post, there's one of the best pieces of real journalism I've seen for quite some time. It's The Fireman's Wife in the Houston Press.

It's in-depth, well-researched, and objective. Moreover, it's complete, or as near as makes no odds. Unlike most of the pieces in the press that have masqueraded as news articles, it's not one-sided. It's not a mere parroting of transphobic smears. Neither does it attempt to gloss over details that either side would prefer to be hidden, such as the widow's chequered past, nor the gross misconduct by the opposing side's lawyers - misconduct that has brought them to the attention of the Texas bar.

I won't quote from it; it's lengthy, but it has to be to be complete, and it's not a story that can be easily summarised in sound-bytes. As they say, Read The Whole Thing.

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