Wednesday 20 October 2010

And in other news....

Post Congress Live Operative Workshop on Hypospadias and DSD
AIIMS, New Delhi. October 25-26, 2010
Scientific Program
Case presentation and Live Operations on Hypospadias ( OR 10 and OR 11)
(Cocktail Dinner : 7 pm onwards),

Live Operations on Female Genitoplasty- Citoroplasty, vaginoplasty, UGS
It's unlikely that any of the children they're going to operate on are at the age to consent to it. Note however that I authorised such surgery for my son before age two, as he was in increasing pain, and urinary function was starting to be compromised. I'm not fanatically against such surgery - only against the purely cosmetic kind that compromises fertility and sensation, and results in scarring that may limit future reconstruction.

From PinkNews (UK)
Senior managers at the BBC and Channel 4 recently admitted that transgender storylines can be inaccurate and are frequently lacking in breadth and substance.
Sarah Lake of TMW (said)...“We do not believe most of the constant casual abuse and ridicule of trans people in broadcasting is deliberately intended to be malicious. In our meetings so far we've not come across a single broadcaster who had ever consciously had a meaningful conversation with a trans man or woman."
That they knew of.

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