Saturday, 2 October 2010

Beyond "Wrong"

Hello Dalek


svelte_brunette said...

He would look SOOO cute next to my "Hello Kitty" Dalek!!


Gin said...

Oh, but he's (or she?) is so cute...She'll exterminate us with cuteness! :-)

Cynthia Lee said...

ok that is just wrong

Anonymous said...

"Exfoliate! Exfoliate!"

Julie Curtis said...


I dont care how wrong it is (and it is wrong ... so so wrong)


Jennifer said...

Not a Dr. Who fan, I had to google Dalek.

But this does look a lot like the makeup robot on Wall-E.

"You look gorgeous!"

Anonymous said...

"photonic emissions of the Gould-Maiman Patent Deathray" said:

Steampunk dalek shown at