Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Homophobic Bullying in US Schools

A snapshot of a Facebook page - since ineffectively covered up - courtesy of the HRC.

The author is Clint McCance of the Midland School District Board in Arkansas.

We know of at least 9 gay or apparently gay (but actually straight) or otherwise gender-nonconforming kids who have killed themselves due to mistreatment as schools in the US in the last few months. And 5 in the last few weeks.

Those are the ones we know about. And those who bully them, including teachers, principals and school board members make no distinction between "gay", "trans" or "intersexed". If anything, the latter two get more persecution, not less.

While many secretly rejoice at these deaths, very few say so openly, being content to shed some crocodile tears, before laying the blame on "Gay Activists" for, well, encouraging these kids not to lie. To have integrity.

These Holy Haters only say what they really feel when they're amongst those of like mind. The 6 who "liked" the post, for example, because this was supposed to be a private page, shared amongst friends.

UPDATE: It appears Mr McCance is up for re-election... and is running unopposed. Mr McCance ran unopposed and his term doesn't expire until 2015.

UPDATE: He has resigned, with an obviously sincere apology. A genuine one, not the faux "I'm sorry you were offended" variety that's fashionable these days.


Sarah Murphy said...


Looks like hate is still a family value in some circles. Birds of a feather, I guess. I'm not surprised though, I read some of the comments to certain news stories. They're not pretty.

I find it incredible that someone would consider shutting out their own family because of who they are. Still more incredible is the claim of "Christian beliefs". Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Jesus' message "God loves you unconditionally". Looks like some even have a problem with talking the talk. We have a looooong way to go I'm afraid.


Justthisguy said...

Hell, you don't even have to be queer to get bullied. I hang out on the 'net with quite a few auties and aspies, and they and their parents universally report lots of bullying, both by private persons and also by policemen and schoolteachers, sometimes unto death.