Monday 13 December 2010

Intel Software NetworkTV - Teach Parallel At SC10


It's 100MB long, so I won't embed it.

Gosh I need to lose weight.... WAHHH. On the other hand, I am 52. What a Proboscis though! Doubt if there's a plastic surgeon courageous enough to tackle a schnozz like that one. Especially since it was broken in 3 places as a child. And a facelift to get rid of the middle-aged jowls.... and liposuction, and a tummy-tuck, and...

I know, "Vanity, thy name is Woman". But it's true. Meh, it's me, unadorned, no makeup. Not much of an advertisement for young girls to get into InfoTech though.

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Anonymous said...

Give up the sugar! Go for a walk! Us late girls have enough problems. But I agree its a girl thing....
All the best

Karen Hypatia