Monday, 20 December 2010

Want to send me a Christmas Present? This Is H.O.W.

This Is H.O.W.

I know the Executive Director, who's worked tirelessly with me over the years, fighting the good fight against ignorance and bigotry in places high and low. Comments on websites, in Newspapers, and not just with words, but deeds.

There are some people I don't know who need help. If you wish to give me a Christmas present - then the best one you could possibly give me is to send a few dollars their way. I can't promise a good outcome in all cases, or in any case. I do know that I have to try, and you have my guarantee that every single cent will be spent on those who need it, not on overheads or salaries.

No matter what your religious beliefs - whether this is being done in the Christmas Spirit, or to "Make Merit" and earn good Karma, or just because in an uncaring amoral world we have to manufacture a purpose of love and charity - please give a little.

The only thing I can promise in return is this. That the next time you look in the mirror, you'll be able to say that, although you may have your flaws, sometimes you Done Good. Try it, and see how it feels. That's my gift to you, you see.


Anonymous said...

Zoe this is beautifully written and I hope you don't mind me linking to it using the share feature in facebook. I hope Toni gets a flood of gifts this year. The work she is doing in Phoenix is needed and I know TIH uses what monies they receive for the people who need the help.

Zoe Brain said...

Link away - the more the merrier!

And I hope she gets a flood of financial help too.