Wednesday, 1 December 2010

What it's like to be Trans

This blog is about science, and politics, and software, and brains, and space... but there's a lot of advocacy too. I haven't updated the header to reflect that, as a reminder to myself that that's not what I originally wanted to blog about.

Many readers - for the majority of them are neither Trans nor Intersexed - might not "get it". How could they? They don't know what it's like, not from personal experience.

I submit this video as explanation. Not my story - I had a loving home, and while primary school left me with scars and broken bones, at high school I was safe. (Coming home was another matter...)

I'm neither Black, nor American.

But to a great extent, this is the story of all Trans and Intersexed people whose condition is made known. This is what happens. This is why I had a 20 month legal fight to get a travel document that would get me back in the country if I travelled overseas.


Leslie Anne said...

Sorry dear, no 'e' in What.

trickster108 said...

Thanks for posting this Zoe!!

What a horrible ordeal to have to endure.

robbi cohn