Thursday, 10 February 2011

Life Matters

From the ABC : Making girls and boys - Life Matters - 8 February 2011
Today's guest has explored the science and psychology of sex and gender in her book Making Girls and Boys: inside the science of sex.

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My comment :
Thanks to the Jane McCredie, and the ABC team for this programme.

Intersexed and Trans people face enormous challenges, most of which are completely un-necessary and entirely of society's making.

These challenges are due to an "Ick" factor regarding anything to do with sex that's strange or outside our own experience, and very often due to ignorance. The DLP's policy to prevent "Intersex marriages" is an example, they think it must be some sort of Leftist Political Plot To Undermine Society.


Others' lack of knowledge can and does kill us, quite literally, and certainly harms us.

Thanks for doing something that will inform people. Goodness knows, we need all the help we can get, if we're to get rid of discriminatory legislation and legally allow the provision of appropriate health care.


ken nielsen said...

Way back in 1957 when the Wolfenden Report was being discussed in the UK there was a series of articles in the New Statesman debating legalisation of homosexuality. Lord Devlin argues that anything that disgusts the reasonable man (the reasonable man is very big in the law) should be illegal.
Devlin was a Catholic and I thought at the time that he was looking for a legal rationalisation for his religious beliefs.
It took another ten years for homosexual acts in private to be legalised.

Calie said...

Thanks for the link, Zoe. I try to listen to or read anything related to intersex conditions.

Calie xxx