Friday, 18 March 2011

Marriage Rights and the Intersexed

This is what happens when parents and doctors mutilate children, shaping a square peg to fit in a round hole.

This is what happens when desperate people go to incompetent butchers to fix the problem bequeathed to them by arrogance and ignorance.

This is what happens when an inhuman legal system collides with messy biological reality.

This is also what happens when two people love each other.


Major said...

Sorry, I think you are wrong here. There have been some pretty nasty intersex issues in her life, but that isn't her problem at the moment. She is living as a woman and finds herself unable to marry another woman; that is a gay marriage rights issue, not an intersex issue.

Zoe Brain said...

It's not clear that she could marry anybody, of either sex.

Major said...

If she was trying to marry a man and couldn't, it would be an intersex issue. At the moment she is being treated exactly like every other woman in the Texas.

Koryn said...

In texas they do not allow your gender marker on your birth certificate to be changed. Because she has a birth certificate that states she is legally male, she should be able to marry any woman she chooses to.

Major said...

On an individual level I hope Sabrina gets to marry her girl and give her access to her health insurance. On a more global level however I don't like the idea of a government official (in this case whoever issues marriage licenses) being able to ignore whatever registration of sex change allowed Sabrina to have "female" on her driver's license; there is trouble down that road.