Saturday, 23 April 2011

Welcome to my world

Trigger warning, as I know some people reading this blog have been through this, and worse. I'm sorry to say that my first reaction was to think about the things the victim did wrong - leaving her spine exposed. Allowing her head to be hit so she went into temporary seizures, and so couldn't protect her vital organs by covering them with her arms and legs - items which, in extremis, are disposable. Things which can be severely damaged without killing you. As I had to do, a long, long time ago, in my childhood. And to give thanks that it wasn't a lot worse.

The video itself:

From the Facebook account of McDonald's employee Vernon Hackett, who filmed and laughed at the assault. And posted it online, to amuse his friends:

This happened after the President of the Maryland Senate said, on camera, that a bill granting the most limited human rights to Trans and Intersexed people was "Anti Family". And that as neither he, nor any other Maryland Senator or Representative would ever hire one, he couldn't ask his constituents not to discriminate too.

The bill was shelved. Parenthetically, Maryland has had equal rights for Gays and Lesbians since 2001.

This is the third beating of a Trans woman in a McDonald's store in the last few months, but it happens everywhere. The only thing unusual about this one was that it was recorded on video.

My main concern is for the psychological health of the victim. The physical damage appears not to be too bad, as long as there's no permanent damage to the brain. But the scars from something like this aren't all external. Trust me on that one. You don't forget, even 45 years later.


Jamie said...

I'm there in the cess pool of the Biliroco comments, and the entire thing just leaves me with no hope for humanity. There is nothing she could have done, even were everything Vernon said were 100% factual, that would have meant she should have been treated the way she was. Not by anyone I woyuld like to think is a human being.

Anonymous said...

Though a very good advise if the assaillant is unarmed, i must differ on a couple of points.

Fleeing should be the first option, if reasonnably possible, then your suggestion. Epescially if a knife is involved.

You can die from a knife injury to the arm, and it does not take long. Shattered bones are a danger. A lesser danger when in the arms and legs, but shatered bones are often edgy and can cause severe internal bleeding.

Also, while protecting you from blows, staying immobile in foetal position is probably the worst scenario if a knife is involved,you're easy to slash and thrust at.

Yes you'd want to expose your arms to defend yourself, but I would add to expose the back of your forearms(backhand side). A good slice to the inside of the forearm will very quickly lead to lost of conciousness, and death if not treated immediately, which is not possible if not away from the attacker.

I'd say, if you notice the knife(cause often you don't until its too late) Flee or Fight. Flee if you're confident in your ability to outrun the attacker and/or avoid injury. If you cannot run, try with everything you have to at least keep the knife away from you.

Except for those clarifications, I salute you for your informative post
about protecting the vitals and not turning your back or presenting the back of the head.

Sorry if this is a second post. Couldnt see the first one.


Anonymous said...

Eh, sorry to post a second time... the post about the selfdefense was a reply to a post you made here


Anonymous said...

Anyone who goes to McDonalds is looking for others with half a brain. They are not a good place to eat.


Lucrece said...

Ugh, indignation from the incident aside, WHY did she not even try to defend herself?

Centuries of oppression by civilians and authorities (most notably the police), and gay/trans people still continue to rely on others to keep them safe.

These LGBT community centers need to start providing self defense and firearm training to people.

Zoe Brain said...

If she had tried to defend herself, then it goes from being an "assault" to being a "fight". Odds are almost certain that she'd be charged, the others would walk. You think witnesses would have testified in her favour? One, maybe. The others...

Not that it would have mattered. There could be a dozen witnesses in her favour, and she'd still be charged and convicted. As that gal was in Houston not so long ago.

Gays and Lesbians might get away with it, Trans people hardly ever.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Wow, Band, even here? You suyre do get around :P

that said, I don't believe I had heard about the Houston case. Anyways, 3 words:
panem et circenses

Sadly, it is just another step on the way to the fall of the Roman Empire, as we are sold out by the govenment to the corporations with the most money, on our way back to a feudal state and the dark ages.


Anonymous said...

Self defense training is a good thing. Judging by the video, she had none. Training would have helped her escape or fight effectively to protect herself, as you mention in your article. The fact that public opinion/law enforcement is stacked against her does not change this. Appeasement was no good in the 30s against Hitler and it is still no good today. Resist. Fight.

-Dani ><

Heli said...

McDonalds is not a safe place for families because the personnel has no idea how to manage with raging customers. A place with saloon fights is not a place for small children.

Anonymous said...

She isn't transgender Zoe so it's not your world.