Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Collect the Set!

A fun game for all the family. See how many entirely independant, grass-roots organisations all run the same scare-campaign clip. Sometimes to show how Gays are a danger to children, sometimes against human rights for Trans or Intersexed people.

All entirely independant of course, no connection whatsoever between the Tennessee Family Values Coalition, Citizens for Good Public Policy, Kalamazoo Citizens voting NO for Special Rights Discrimination, Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government... it's just a coincidence.

Then there's this one:

Gainesville police are looking for a man who rode a purple bike to the Home Depot store in mid-February, followed a woman into the restroom and then tried to photograph her by holding a cell phone camera underneath a stall divider.
McCollum said that when the woman saw a hand holding the cell phone in a way that allowed it to be used to take pictures, she screamed and the man ran out. An employee saw the man fleeing and provided additional details about him.

The white man was about 5-foot-9, 140 to 150 pounds and had a thin build. He had thick, dark, collar-length hair and a well-trimmed goatee. His right arm was almost completely covered in tattoos. His left arm had fewer tattoos, but one that stood out – a black rectangle on the back of his left forearm.

The man was wearing a black, sleeveless T-shirt, dark baseball-style cap, cargo pants and white tennis shoes.

Not exactly the description of a trans woman, or someone pretending to be a trans woman, is it? The logical connection with the legislation a bit tenuous, maybe?

Maybe it was the fact that one of their supporters who owned a store was found to have left a phone camera in the ladies changing rooms - and saved the consequent videos for later perusal - that meant this got little air time.

Or that the perp, Timothy Malone, was caught a month later.


Buck said...

They haven't got real arguments, just irrational fear. And copy / paste.

Unknown said...

Fear and copy and paste seem to be winning tactics unfortunatly.

The only way I can see defeting the bathroom bills is to show up to the public debates in large groups and use the bathrooms of our births. If a bunch of lawmakers, lobiests and citizens are subjected to transwomen in the mens room and transmen in the womens room they would become very uncomfortable. They have power to make that discomfort go away with laws. (see where this is going?)
If we take up the mens room with girl talk and female primping and comunication while these males are there they will be much more likely to pass a law that makes this discomfort go away. The same with the womens room with transmen ussing the toilets like urinals and smelling up the place with testosterone smells, the female law makers and citizens will be seriously put out by this and will insist that their comfort be adressed.
They want to talk about men in the womens room? Demonstrate too them it doesn't work the way they want it too no matter what they do.
Only by changing tactics can we hope to win the bathroom war.

Staying the course just results in more reruns of that damn comercial.

Anonymous said...

So if some of us were to make a quality counter-ad appealing to peoples values of justice, liberty etc and allow others to cut-and-paste it....