Friday, 27 May 2011

Ugly Secrets of 2nd Wave Feminism

The spoken word has more impact than turgid prose. Please listen to this J'Accuse! video.

Yes, that is what was said and written. That is what is in textbooks today. That is what is still being taught in some places, including the Australian National University, in courses on Feminism.

The antidote to such hatred is not suppression - it's exposure.


Anonymous said...

Suppressing information is lying.


Anonymous said...

These radical Feminsts actually hate anything remotely male. The cause of such phobia and bias I suppose results from their own gender insecurity. The rage and anger that they express in their views towards Trans women indicates a warped view of diversity and the reality of the human condition. Oddly, so many of these women present in such masculine ways that it's hard for me not to identify them as Trans

Ana W.-L. said...

Now that you mention it, Nicole, some of it does sound like a mirror image of the misogynic rubbish I used to hear from a trans woman or two back when they were in denial. Also, the theories aren't much weirder than the mental contortions I had to go through to delay coming out to myself.

That said, there isn't any evidence that the major radfem theorists were really trans men in denial. It does feel plausible that some of them might have been, though – and if that's what happened, they were pretty close to what they accused trans women of being... ;)

Anonymous T said...

They are half-crazed with hate. That's for sure. But crazy non-sense spawns crazy non-sense.

Where's your article on the Ugly Secrets of the Transgender World? i keep wondering if anyone will step up and call it out, but it never happens.

It doesn't matter. i'll commit virtual suicide and close my blog with it eventually.

JoanieH121506 said...

Trans misogyny is rampant here in the Bay Area, not only from radical feminist, but from a lot of the FtM sector against the MtF sector as well.

As far as AnonT goes, the transsexual world is actually pretty boring as most of us are leading pretty dull lives trying to save up for our treatments. If you want to see some dirty little secrets, take a look in the closets of the fundamentalist Christians and the conservative misogynists, such as yourself, to see where the really down and dirty stuff is. Generally speaking, the more noise one makes, the more they are trying to suppress and deny within themselves, from my experiences and observations.

Anonymous said...

@Brevity counts, suppressing information my be lying, but suppressing lies is truth. The Radfems' transphobia is based on fundamental assumptions about transwomen that are demonstrably lies. Disproving their lies does no damage to the truth.

Anonymous Woman said...


Conservative misogynist? Double swing and a miss. Or more like two wide swings facing the opposite direction and a miss. Thanks for playing.

Thank you also for proving the 'step out of the party line and watch people try to pound you down like a standing nail' routine, to.

Fundamentalist christians? Who are they? i know nothing about them.

Zoe Brain said...

"Commenters are expected to be polite to each other, but the same standard doesn't apply to comments regarding me."

"Conservative Misogynist" is not only wildly inaccurate in this case, but insulting. Please desist.

It's OK to say "that could be mistaken for conservative misogyny because...." and then give reasons. We could then debate the issues.

Personally, I'd like Trans people to wash some of their dirty laundry in public, especially about the homophobia rife before 1965, and still present, though not publicised. And the transphobia from Intersexed people too, that needs airing and apologising for.

There's plenty of crap to be gotten rid of, on all sides.

Few do real harm though. Few RadFems make common cause with the very worst of the Fundies - but some do. There's been a particularly nasty example recently, but I think it's misfired. More on that later.

Zoe Brain said...

URL deliberately obfuscated so as not to give fodder for search engines.

See also

Valerie Keefe said...

Apparently the video is now private.