Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Australia's Most Trusted Professions

From the Age : Australia's Most Trusted Professions

This shows both ingrained cynicism, and a touching naivety.

12. Police

15. Scientists

21. Judges

26. Weather forecasters

30. Religious ministers

33. Lawyers

39. Sex workers

42. Real estate agents
43. Car salesmen
44. Politicians
45. Tele-marketers


Unknown said...

I have always preferred the company of streetwalkers to that of politicians.

Anonymous said...

I have been a street walker and have served politicians.
I would prefer the company of a street walker also.
Politicians are big time narcicists, especialy in bed. The worst possible of Johns. Always trying to talk a girl down on her price and NEVER a tip for extra special service.
Jerks one and all!

daddy dave said...

okay, first - what exactly is being measured here? Of course nurses are more trustworthy than politicians, in terms of "would you believe what they say" etc.

But trust has many meanings and it seems the word is being misused here. One aspect of trust is whether you'd rely on them in a situation of need. For example, would you leave a child with them in an emergency; would you lend them money and expect to get it back when promised - would you take directions from them if lost.

Would there really be a difference in professions in this regard? Or do we take the measure of the individual, regardless of profession? This seems like nothing more than an exercise in stereotyping and belittling certain professions.