Sunday 11 September 2011

An Offensive Post?

From Dr Michael Brown, on the Einsatzgruppen-style execution of a gender nonconforming child:
A Fair Question for Gay Activists:

Did gay activism play a role in the murder of Lawrence King?

Did "homophobia" kill 15-year-old Lawrence "Larry" King on February 12, 2008, as gay activists allege -- or did gay activism contribute to his death?

Of course, there is only one real killer, Brandon McInerney, just 14 years old at the time of shooting. He confessed to killing Larry in cold blood in full view of his classmates. But there are others who are complicit in Larry's terribly tragic death, and rather than point the finger at a "homophobic" society, they should point it at themselves. I'm speaking of course of gay activists, who have made Larry into a martyr for the cause of gay activism when, in reality, he was more a victim of gay activism.
Here's a slight re-write, exchanging a few semantic tokens, as might be written by another conservative religious group:
A Fair Question for Americans.

Did US Government policy play a role in 9/11.

Did "Islamism" kill 3000 people on September 11th 2001, as Americans allege -- or did US policy contribute to these deaths?

Of course, there is only one real killer, Osama Bin Laden, and his cohort. He confessed to planning the cold blooded attack in full view of the world, and on video. But there are others who are complicit in these terribly tragic deaths, and rather than point the finger at "Islamists", they should point it at themselves. I'm speaking of course of Americans, who have made the 9/11 victims into martyrs for the cause of American policies when, in reality, they were more victims of American policy.
Dr B and I had a spirited discussion on this. His opinion of my re-write:
As for your article, I find no valid comparison between what I wrote and what you wrote.
There's none so blind etc.

Our point of disagreement can be summarised by this exchange:

Michael L Brown
Your second question: You forget that you're dealing with kids! If black activists told us day and night that the neighborhoods were dangerous for black kids and then encouraged those kids to flaunt their blackness by wearing hoods and taunting white kids, and then a white kid killed one of them, the white kid would be 100% guilty, but the black activists would have blood on their hands.

Zoe Ellen Brain :
There we have disagreement. The civilised response to KKK atrocities, lynchings and murders is *not* killings in return, it *is* taunting, and refusing to be cowed into submission.

I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I do see your point, I just wonder how you reconcile it with your blatant flaunting of your Calvinism Arminianism**, and encouraging others to do the same.

** Sorry, I can never tell these splinter religious groups apart.


Anonymous said...

One size does not fit all. It is not nessary for everyone to get along or even tolarate each other.

What is important is that there is enough distance between them. This will not happen when activists force people on each other.


Anonymous said...

Michael L Brown is engaged in the classic tactic of the oppressor, which is to blame the victim for provoking the crime. It was broken the first time it was used and it's equally broken now. Michael L Brown had better hope that he never topples from his pedastal, because his fellow oppressors are waiting for fresh victims.

Do not agree to disagree with him. Tell him to his face that he's wrong and as long as he holds that attitude, he'll continue to be wrong, and continue to be part of the problem.

Zimbel said...

I think that some Americans still have too much emotional baggage around 9/11 to reason about it properly, much as many people can't reason about Hitler or Nazis without emotional baggage.

So while I think your comparison is fairly accurate, I don't think it's particularly productive.

I also think that Brown is quite simply wrong here. If there was a societal problem, it was that Brandon had fear and/or hatred of King, and felt that he could resolve this problem through violence - this supports the theory that those opposed to accepting people of different gender or sexual identity expressions are part of the problem, not people who are fighting for equal rights.

In other words, if Dr. Brown wishes to help, he should start with stopping his own vocal homophobia.