Saturday, 19 November 2011

TDOR 2011

The Transgender Day Of Remembrance, November 20th.

I have been so very, very fortunate. Looking back on the TS and IS people around the world I have corresponded with - some of them on TDOR lists of the slain - I'm reminded that I've had it so much easier than every one of them that I can think of.

From those to who much is given, much is expected. Amidst the tears of grief - muted this year for, unlike some past years, I don't know any of the victims personally - I dedicate myself to continuing the battle, in blogs, in newspapers, in articles, on TV programs, on political and religious and academic and social sites, on the scatological UK Army Rumour Service NAAFI bar and the genteel Catholic Quarterly, in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Nashua Telegraph, in the Malta Times and UK Guardian, everywhere I can.

It's not much. But it's something.

The full list for this year is over 200 names in length.


Arianwen said...

Just being true to your inner-self and listening to your conscience is the best thing you can do for the TS/IS communities. Positive role models are much better ambassadors, and you are definitely a positive one, and the thoughtful words you leave behind are a great thing.

Warmest regards!

Unknown said...

I did not meet any of the victims this year, nor did I correspond with them. It is hard to mourn for those we do not know. Most of us can't even show a lot of sympathy when the toll goes above 5. I pray that someday the world list will drop to less then 5.Thank you for remembering.