Monday, 2 January 2012

Yes, such people exist

From a comment on gay marriage:
You should be changed completely to the gender in which you have more chemicals in your body. So if you have 60% male and 40% female chemicals, you should be changed totally to a male.

Transsexuals do not count as people.
Other gems from the same "person" : have no right to talk. If you do not believe in a superior being in some capacity, then you are completely retarded.
The government should have the power to enforce common religious dogma on its citizens.


Nikola Kovacs said...

The scariest thing is that if they are an adult, they have the same voting rights on major world, national and local issues as you and I Zoe.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Sarah Wilson said...

Some people appear bright until they "speak."


mythusmage said...

Golly, tasmanian devils can learn to type. :)

Anonymous said...

I found that commenter quite funny... basically because he had it "arse-about-face". Governments should weed out the delusional religious and enforce some logical thinking in them, surely !? B- - 'Bear'