Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Today's Battle

Over at MSNBC on Miss Universe Canada.

The comments are the usual mix. A lot which are rather vile though. "Freak", "Pervert", "It", etc.

@!$%# your political correctness. People pretending to be the opposite sex is disgusting. These people are sick. They need professional help.

Uh........yuck !

It isn't now,You can allow the disgusting creature in, I don't have watch it or have any dealings with it.

More evidence that Western society is on the slide down.

WELL , THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD ; where i'm from , we believe GOD doesn't make mistakes. and on that last day , that freak show will be seen as such.

All you are as the rest, are a bunch fudge-packers in disguise. You bunch of faggots make me sick.

Let the FREEK show begin!

It can enter every contest it wants. It can dress in all the female clothes it wants. It can have all the operations it wants. BUT, it will NEVER be a WOMEN no matter what it wants. NEVER!!!!!!!!

Freak. Once again a very small percentage of the population controls the rest. We have become afraid...... It will all be coming to an end soon then it is all moot.

I think this guy/gal if from Thailand. If so its no wonder. Often mothers push their young boys towards this kind of thinking because if they go through this sex change crap they then marry them off and the old man who marries them pays the family money. When you look at whats going on over there you see ALOT of sex tourist and what they call "lady boys". So he claims to knew he was a girl at age 4. This I doubt alot unless the parents where behind this thinking. One more example of the moral decline the human race has taken. Just because he has no penis and takes drugs dose not change the fact that he is a guy. I doubt this is even his real hair color. His birth papers say what? Will he go to the court to change his birth papers ? If so he will once more just be living a lie, a phony hiding behind the outer fake shell having for the rest of his life taking drugs to keep it looking like something nature never wanted.

Sick, disgusting and freakish !!!

So basically those of you that "approve" of this disgrace being "ok" and agreeing to let this obviously very, very, very confused soul compete against "real" women are suggesting that God didn't know what He was doing in His creation of "him." And yes, it's a "him," and always will be, no matter what he had a surgeon do to his body parts. God brought this boy into the world, yes, BOY, and I doubt very seriously He said "oops! I forgot to put a slit on that one and left a wanker on him too!" God doesn't make mistakes, face it dude, penis or no penis, now ur just a dude without a set of balls!

further proof that some people are not fit to compete in the human race!

And as much as I support the freedom and equality of gay people, I dont support this. Its a beauty pageant for women. Not Trannies.

That's just on the first few pages....


Buck said...

She's a bit thin for my taste, but she's certainly beauty pageant qualified. The commenters... Years ago I used to think that people like that were idiots, or more charitably, anachronisms unable to adapt to the strangeness of electric lighting and indoor plumbing.

Today I think that they are afraid. Fearful. Change and the unknown topple them from their precarious mental perch. If they were to work side by side with Jenna, I think their fear would evaporate.

Keep on keeping on. You're helping.

Anonymous said...

Good reason to not have one size fit all or one world government. People are different and want to be with their own kind.

There is nothing wrong with discrimination it makes for a diverse world so some will survive the changes. We do not have just one society, culture or paradigm.


Anonymous said...

Sex is hardly black and white, as anyone visiting this blog would know. But at the same time, some discrimination is good, pretty much as RMO said.

As for the contest, most contests are discriminatory. They categorize people so that they're on mostly equal ground to compete. That's never perfect (or no one would ever win), but the wording on the rule is one of the more eloquent and descriptive rules I've seen in contests. The only thing clearer, whether they intended it to be worded that way or not originally, would be to say that they had to be born with XX chromosomes, or no Y chromosomes. Still not perfect, but nothing ever is.

Finally, I don't see it as any different than professional/amateur competitions. They usually use whether you've been paid or not as the cutoff, but even then, like this case, it's always a little murky.


Billie said...

There is no reason to post comments like the ones listed. These comments only show the poster as intolerant and hateful. What a waste of energy and a life that is!

To each his/her own.

I have to agree with RMO and MSP. I've entered Drag "beauty contests" as an amateur and placed very well. It might not have been a boy turned girl takes on real girls but all the voters knew I was a male.

That knowledge did not stop the drinks, as tips, from coming in nor my being personally asked to go on an additional date.

Yes, I knew what that meant! So what?

mythusmage said...

Every time I see the woman in question my first thought is that when she was male she was intersexed.

Anonymous said...

I read a comment that went something like this:

Coochie? Check!
Boobs? Check!

That means she's sa girl.

Anonymous said...

"where i'm from , we believe GOD doesn't make mistakes" except when he makes people that frighten me!!

How much of this is about anything besides a visceral terror at an implied threat to the comment-leavers' sex or gender identity?

In other words, isn't all this hate just a form of ego-defence?

I'll add that to a lot of people it seems intuitively obvious that male and female identity are clear and set and obvious from birth and that anything correcting any deformity of the genitals or gonads is by definition horrible and frightening mutilation. So while I think I've gotten most of the fear and hate nailed down in my comment above, it is possible for well-meaning people to be horrified *by what they perceive* to be just another step from tattoos, penis enlargement surgery, and various cosmetic mutilations like tongue splitting.

julie said...

Interestingly enough when I asked www.lucille.com - a right wing web site - to remove a post to an article on the Canadian thing I got this response form the moderator:

...We can't monitor every thread on a very busy day and sometimes they get out of hand. I agree with you about the transgendered. It's a painful life for most. In this case I blame Donald Trump for using this as a stunt to get attention for his sleazy contest and to make people tune in to gawk. As for the remarks on the thread - most trolls have been taught to read and write in this country. Too bad.

Life can get nasty.



Lisa said...

"further proof that some people aren't fit to compete in the human race!" that comment made me cry. There's a difference between the usual abuse; being referred to as "it" etc. and actually suggesting sone people shouldn't even exist