Wednesday 23 May 2012

An Interview with Mara Keisling

The complete set of videos and resources is at


Anonymous said...

re: The video interview with Mara Keisling on "The T Word'" on the Penn State website:

"Now, this transfunction..."

[a student's hand goes up]


"Why are you calling this a 'transfunction'? Isn't this an exception handler?"

"Well, yes, it is; but we're trying to keep it simple for policymakers: so procedure calls, forks, inline code, threads, processes, interrupt-time upcalls, virtual machines, what have you: we now just call them 'transfunctions'."


To me, the "transgender blanket" is a semantic bog... ultimately engendering more fog than clarity of understanding, reducing sets of complex and not-quite-commensurate gender variant behaviors to a meme that doesn't quite qualify as a "sound byte"... merely... a "sound bit".

- bonzie anne

PS: I'll limit further comment on this topic to: *sigh*

Anonymous said...

could you please change the way you set up posts like this, where they automatically start playing

Zoe Brain said...

I tried everything I could to prevent the autoplay.

Now I commented out the Flash and inserted a Youtube link instead.

My apologies, I took too long to give up.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your transition, Zoe. I have recently come out of stealth bliss to take on a role as an activist for other trans women. I see you have many the same enemies I do: brennan et al., comodaldragon, and some of the wbt radfem sycophants. As another scientist and trans woman, I hope we can work together in the future to advance our mutual causes. Thank you for being such a strong voice thus far! ;)