Monday 9 July 2012

NAB Honesty Shouldn't Go Unrewarded

From the Daily Mail

The shopping centre prank is the latest in a string of NAB stunts. Another experiment involved the bank building a coffee stand on a busy Melbourne street, where the barista deliberately gave all customers $5 too much in change for their coffees.

Every single person immediately returned the money.

The barista then changed tactics and began insulting customers - asking one lactose-intolerant woman when she ‘decided she had that condition’, and telling a smartly dressed young man that he would no longer fit into his suit if he kept drinking moccas.

Despite the obnoxious comments 91 per cent STILL returned the extra change.


Billie said...

I find it completely normal and typical of a bank to do this, they do have all our money!

This merely reflects humanity's honest grasp of reality.

In the end the banks will win!

Billie said...

I forgot to say;
Kindness, seen by a human, is almost always regarded as a kind of weakness in another human.

Such IS the life of all humans.

Anonymous said...

Never sell yourself too cheap. Most people have a price and it is more than $5.


Rochila said...

I'm curious if the result would have been the same if they did the experiment in Sydney...

Joseph said...

Does this mean Diogenes didn't need that lamp after all?