Thursday, 10 January 2013



Anonymous said...

When you ask for government handouts you get government control.

Independent Mary

Unknown said...

May I suggest an alternative refuge for the bigoted.

Anonymous said...

I could see the furious internecine conflict over TRUE GingerHood Status coming a mile away.

In my relationship history… there's one True Ginger, and one Strawberry Blonde; with the blonde her True Nature was hard to tell on cursory inspection - hair color, you know?

I considered going Ginger when I first got a dye job done two years ago, after my hairdresser told me either that or black would work for me; I went with raven black, which is kind of a shame, because internally?

Yes, well, (ahem) - but I felt a bit nervous about being too "out"?

… you folks know how it is (or maybe not).