Thursday, 31 October 2013

Different Planets

There's this one :

"Jane Doe" and her G/Fs
Then there's the one the Religious Right lives on:

Do you ever feel like you’ve just landed on a different planet? I do when I learn about situations like the following. Several girls at a school in Colorado are finding out just exactly what is involved in transgender rights. An older boy has been entering the girls’ restroom at Florence High School in Florence, Colorado, claiming he’s a female and then he’s apparently been harassing some of the actual, biological girls. But when the girls’ families contacted the school, did this legitimate complaint receive respectful attention from officials? Not exactly. The school is defending this aggressive boy and his rights and the privacy rights of the girls are being waved away as not that important.
This statement was made over a week after the issue was revealed as a hoax - that the "harassment" was just this girl going to school like other girls.

On their planet, the picture above is of an "aggressive older boy harassing some actual biological girls".


Anonymous said...

Well, think about it - our world IS "infested with Demons, Devils and Unclean Spirits"

What the 'religious types' don't realize - is it's THEM.

Every protestation they make shows they don't even follow the main tenants of their religion - to "love others as you love yourself"

Their own words and lack of compassion condemns their actions.

Their own lack of love for those of us that deal with this issue shows they lack the Fruit of the Spirit - Love, Joy, Peace - etc. They spread hate, discontent, and divide us as a people.

how much more demonic can they BE?

Diana said...

The older and more educated I get, the more alienated I feel from the majority of humans on this planet. Overall, I think the US and Canada and pretty good... the problem is the so called leaders or shall we call them the faux morality police who twitch about like Mexican jumping beans spreading outright lies as if they were truth. Our country ( the US) is making a hard press to recrreate the Middle Ages complete with the Spanish Inquisition. Anything scientific at all is under attack... not just LGBT rights, but any rights for anyone who isn't a white protestant male.


Anonymous said...

How about one restroom for all with doors on the stall. Gender is not a reason to separate people.