Sunday, 5 January 2014

Transsexuals and the Legal System - Scottish Edition

From the Daily Record:
A TRANSGENDER woman has demanded an apology from bungling sheriff court workers who sent an offensive note with her divorce papers.
Becky Kent was stunned when she read a handwritten memo which officials had forgotten to remove from her paperwork. It was stuck on top of her divorce decree and sent to her.
The scribbled Post-it note read: “Colin it’s right!!! Man – changed his name to woman’s name – statutory declaration attached!!! Takes all sorts!!”
The letter had also been addressed “Dear Sir”.
Doesn't exactly give one warm fuzzies about being treated respectfully, does it? All too typical, I'm afraid.
Right now, very afraid in fact. Still, unless we fight this kind of thing, openly, with the more publicity the better, exposing it as a matter of public interest, it won't change.

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