Friday, 14 February 2014

You probably missed this. A game changer.

It's a long video. You can't afford to miss it. The world has changed when we weren't looking.

If that's too long to watch, and too full of marketing hype, here's how it works.


beneficii said...

Kosilek has just had a major blow dealt to her case, with the Circuit Court electing to rehear her case _en banc_ (i.e. by the full court):

Kosilek's lawyer, Joseph Suliman, had been previously quoted thus:

>Kosilek’s attorney, Joseph Sulman, said he does not believe there is any reason for the appeals court to hold a rehearing and disagreed with the DOC’s claim that Wolf’s decision broadened the meaning of adequate care.

This means that the reasons of the Circuit Court do not align with the reasons of Kosilek's attorney.

This is particularly damaging for Kosilek because _en banc_ rehearings by a Circuit Court are rare, granted only when, to put it simply, there have been major potential issues with the way the case has been handled previously by the District Court and the Circuit Court panel that heard the case.

If Kosilek loses this rehearing, then I think that would be the end of her case. I would find it very unlikely that the Supreme Court would grant certiorari.

beneficii said...

I write on the issue of the recent Hambrook case: