Monday, 4 May 2015

F-0180 Aerial Test of Torpedo

The second US cruise missile - though the first was a close contemporary. Yes, this was Rocket Science, 1919 style. Had the Great War continued, development wouldn't have been delayed, and it would have been in service by late 1919 in the strategic bombardment role - probably at night and in cloudy conditions, as it was a fairly easy target.

May I present - the "Kettering Bug"


Chris Phoenix said...

I'm trying to imagine building a navigation/autopilot system with no electronics whatsoever. Wow. Quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tests. But the accuracy-guidance would be downright dangerous to friend or foe.

Even the most comparable weapon 20 years later in WWII - the V1 "Buzz Bomb" was highly inaccurate. Even V1s hitting London (very large city) was a struggle.