Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Updating a previous post... the act will come into force on the 29th August 2016. Touch wood. Then I can apply for the appropriate Recognised Details certificate, which I can then use to apply for a UK Gender Recognition Certificate, which I can then use to apply for a corrected UK Birth Certificate... which will then allow me to, amongst other things, not only board aircraft in the US and Canada, but even use the correct restroom in North Carolina.

Bizarre? Grotesque? Surreal? Let's just say that those responsible for making laws that don't correspond with Reality, and force Trans and Intersex people to jump through these hoops are Certifiable.


Anonymous said...

when it comes to common sense, dont expect it from a politican

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe :-)

Glad you will soon have an amended birth certificate!

We used to chat a bit on FreeRepublic when you used to visit there.

You might remember me.. I was the Computer Scientist/Electrical Engineer.

.. Polly Carbonate .. [not my freeper name]

Adam said...

Hello Zoe! glad to hear that. But I agree with the 1st comment, never trust them.