Friday, 15 September 2017

There's a pattern here...

Breitbart Editor: Trans Activism a Plot Against Dumb People 

Two of the editors of Breitbart, Neil Munro and Alex Marlow, had a rather bizarre conversation on the Breitbart Daily radio show about transgenderism. They think that activism for trans equality is really about clever people making society too difficult to navigate for dumb people.

 Munro claimed the push for transgender rights is “a preposterous effort by a small bunch of clever, ambitious, selfish people to rewrite the basic rules of society” and that the effort is “deeply damaging to ordinary and low-IQ people who suddenly find themselves without any social rules, without any voice in how people should behave in such a jungle where then only the strongest and cleverest can prosper"
Munro continued, “That’s the goal in the end, to mess up society, to mess up tradition and practice roles for the advantage of the clever and few. It’s a really rotten, rotten thing.”

“Flat Earth Society” Is Not A Joke–It’s Real And It’s Growing 

Flat Earthers don’t have a very clear idea why NASA would want to convince the globe—or rather, world—of a lie. “It’s not about money,” said Bob Knodel. “They want complete mind control. They want to create two classes: the ultra rich and servants. At that point they would’ve taken over the world, and enslaved the population, and controlled everything.”


Anonymous said...

Nature is about survival of those best able to survive in the environment. People with low cognitive ability do not survive in an environment that requires lots of complicated thinking. If we follow nature's laws we will improve humanity. If we fund those with limited abilities to survive they will have more children and reduce humanity's ability to advance. We have over 7 billion people using resources faster than nature can provide. Humanity must be selective in who they use resources on.

The Bell Curve

Joseph said...

"If you don't understand it, it's dangerous."---Beowulf Schaefer

Joseph said...

If they know they don't understand then, whatever else they may be, they are not examples of the Dunning--Krueger effect.

Also, see

Anonymous said...

I doubt it is a matter of understanding but more of one of survival. Let the best brains win.


Anonymous said...

At the moment, roughly 40% of people in the U.S.A. appear to support Trump (source: Pollster Trump approval ) As the number is so high, I think that racism/ethocentrism/white nationalism/sexism are better explanations than stupidity. sample report on racism in the U.S.A. : Blacks and whites see racism in the United States very, very differently

Anonymous said...

I wrote the previous comment. Sorry for missing a signature.

- Zimbel

Zoe Brain said...

Zimbel - even Jove nods. No worries.

Anonymous said...

It is not a matter of race but one of culture and cognitive ability. The very reason we join groups with common interests no matter what race is also members. Trump hit on the problems rather than the propaganda that the media bias uses to emotionally entertain. Religion is another wall between people no matter race. The very beliefs that drive one's actions are more important than a nation of brotherhood. People live for different purposes and work to those ends. Some just want to be emotionally entertained and some want to flood the world with their genes. Some believe that an after life is more important than reality as others want a legacy. Some care about health while others favor drugs. These and other differences are not compatible in making the laws that all must obey.