Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Australian Morning TV Live Footage


Hank Phillips said...

This is Libertariantranslator dotcom, in the Southern Hemisphere with the 1/9th of humanity that includes OZ. Please forgive our stupid yank cops. The politicians who give them orders all favor the initiation of force and coercive meddling in people's lives. What you see is hardly surprising, but it is why I have voted for libertarian candidates, timidly at first, since 1980. Were it not for the law-changing clout of out 4 million spoiler votes things would be LOT more violent, I'll wager. P.S.: love your blogs, and it was Jo Nova that led me to them.

Anonymous said...

It is the politicians who make laws that involve using Government to enrich themselves. The U.S. was founded on freedom and liberty. The bill of rights has nothing in it to provide for protections of emotions. Being politically correct is part of the cause of giving people the notion that they are due something other than their own ability to survive. Too many laws make for those without abilities, dependent on handouts. to survive. It is not fair to take from hard working people to fund the poor behavior of others.

Lisa the yank