Friday, 5 June 2020

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 2

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When human beings are born into the chaos of life we all have basic DNA of a human being. However each one is unique in small ways. Being a baby is helpless and dependent on parents to keep them alive. As time passes changes take place according to the environment and those small differences in DNA. For example take the main topic in the world today, the virus. Researchers have found out the blood type we have acts differently to exposure to the virus. Type O blood creates antibodies that allows some people not to have any symptoms if they are infected. Type AB blood makes very few antibodies and the odds are that infected person will have lung problems. Other blood types such as type A or type B make 50% less antibodies than type O blood. Now none of this matters if you are never exposed to the virus. The Native Americans died off due to lack of antibodies to the Yellow fever. Typhoid Mary was not affected by the Typhoid fever in her system.

As we travel through life our abilities and deficiencies are not tested unless we are exposed to a situation in the environment. This is why at the start all babies seems the same and have the same opportunities but as we travel through time those opportunities narrow and we become very different. A 7 foot man might have a better chance of becoming a basket ball star compared to a 5 foot women. The list is endless of the twists and turns in life as some we have choices and others we are mapped by our DNA.