Sunday, 13 June 2021

Women’s Sport.


To my knowledge, none of those pictured are Intersex. Certainly none are Trans. Humans vary.

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Hank Phillips said...

The variation I notice most is that some humans struggle to parlay any differences, real or imagined, into a pretext for trying to get the Political State to impose some goofy standard through the violence of law. My only knowledge of efforts to rewrite sports gender rules comes from a Southpark episode poking fun at the idea. At track meets and martial arts tournaments folks unhappy with the usual distinction could, it seems, form a third group. Years ago officious prohibitionists made a big deal out of tilting against performance drugs and barring experimenters instead of letting them form another category. Such a separate category of voluntary guinea pigs just might contribute to increased knowledge about whatever those drugs are and whatever it is they do.