Sunday, 20 February 2022

Sex and Sensibility


Unknown said...

And I'm supposed to make a sound bite out of all that \`(
Great post though, and much appreciated.

Question: Can parental methamphetamine use cause a disorder of sexual development? Not getting anywhere at NIH.

Anonymous said...

Anecdotal evidence of drug use affecting sexuality

I'm not a professional anything, other than people proclaiming I'm a professional asshat, but as far as I know, there's no license I've ever applied for...). 3 Anecdotes

1. After a history of miscarriages, my mother was prescribed heavy doses of DES. Yup, I popped out and was TG. Had a weird little scar on the underside of near the end, maybe hypospadia that was corrected as an infant - no way of knowing at this point.
2. Mother was NOT prescribed DES for her next pregnancy, Brother popped out, no TG tendencies at all. Completely hetero and cis. Good for him, glad it worked out that way.
3. Married & adopted wife's kids. One daughter was a heavy drug user. everything she could get her hands on. One grandkid resulted with heavy anger management issues. Daughter got into even heavier drug use with her second pregnancy, and that grandkid is also TG. So we can rule out a genetic tie between the grandkid and me. Maybe nurture has a TINY part, since I raised both grandkids, but it's far more likely that just seeing me as TG made my grandkid more comfortable disclosing and had no impact on being TG.