Wednesday 3 September 2003

Avast There, Me Hearties!

And me Kidneys, and me Liveries... For 'tis but 16 days afore International Talk Like a Pirate Day, well shiver me timbers. Arr.

Jim : Cap'n, where be the Poopdeck?
Cap'n :Arr, Jim Lad, the Poopdeck be below the Crow's Nest. That why it do be called the Poopdeck. Arr.

Arr, there be few things more pleasin than watchin a video of Cap'n Feathersword with the young 'un. Arr.

And there be no truth to the scurvy tales about that lily-livered bilgerat Barney and that right comely wench Dorothy, they be just good shipmates. Arr.

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