Saturday, 27 September 2003

Dr Who Fortieth Anniversary Celebrations

23rd November 1963...... a day of portent. Originally scheduled for the day before, but delayed because a bloke called Kennedy had gotten himself shot on the 22nd, was the screening of the first episode of "Dr Who".

To celebrate the upcoming fortieth anniversary, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is showing the complete series. I've been told this includes some episodes long lost, and supposedly found in a shed in New Zealand, some 700 episodes in all, but can't confirm it. At 4 episodes a week, the series should be broadcast continuously till what, some time in 2006.

A snippet from a recent programme on the ABC, repeating a segment that must be decades old :
MOLLY MELDRUM: What's it like to be in Australia, considering you travel the universe and span 500 years?

TOM BAKER: Oh, good. Good.

MOLLY MELDRUM: Sometimes they say Australia's 500 years behind the rest of the world. I mean, what is your assessment of that?

TOM BAKER: Oh, I would have thought it's longer than that.

I was going to leave it at that. But there are Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, and music that should have never, under any circumstances, been performed or recorded. And two such objects appeared on my scopes when I did some research on the subject.

So if you have Broadband, or at least a 56K modem, I present 2 tracks, each of 2 Megabytes. One by the Punk Band "The Go-Gos", entitled "I'm gonna spend Christmas with a Dalek", and the other (inspired by George Formby of Happy Memory), by a group called "Dalek Beach Party", a track entitled "Exterminate! Exterminate!, a contender for the Anthem of Al Qaeda.

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