Sunday 23 November 2003

A Blast from the Past

Germany, late 1945Before March this year, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, whose views are rather to the Left of my own, discussing Iraq and World War II. He was unable to see why the Pacifists and Anti-War movement in 1938 were so strong, or how anyone with 2 neurons to fire together could have been anything other than emphatically for a War to oust Hitler, the sooner, the better.

I on the other hand, was viewing all the arguments against involvement in Iraq, and showing that not merely did they have some justification, but that the same justification was also true in 1938. Yes, we certainly should have acted far sooner than we did then, but the matter was nowhere near as clear-cut as it looks 60+ years later. I've learnt more sympathy for the 1938 pacifists than I had ten years ago by living in similar times, and having to face similar unpleasant choices. I can now understand them, while not condoning their actions nor agreeing with them in the smallest iota.

My Leftist friend was - and still is - against the Iraqi war, while still condemning the people who were anti-war in 1938. I still believe most fervently that our only mistake in Iraq was not going in sooner, but am willing to grant that people of good will who disagree with me do so out of good intent, not stupidity or malice. At least, not always, and certainly not the majority.

With that in mind, please have a look at a recent article of mine on The Command Post, suggesting a suitable poster for the "Not In My Name" bunch to march behind. The people protesting against George Bush and Amerikkka are not Nazis - they just believe in many of the same things. Perhaps if the similarities between recent events and those of 60+ years ago are brought to their attention often enough, the penny may drop. Though I'm beginning to doubt it - people do not like facing up to the consequences of their actions, nor will they thank you for revealing unpleasant truths. And that applies to both sides of this debate.

(Clipping courtesy of The CounterRevolutionary blog)

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