Saturday 30 October 2004

November Contest will bring Australia to a Stop

From The Command Post :

The German Picture Magazine "Bild" has covered the US election - and endorsed Bush.

The UK "Guardian" has infamously tried to sway the vote against Bush in a battleground state.

But neither the UK, nor Germany can possibly match the intense excitement that all Australians feel at what's going to happen on November 2nd, 2004. This contest is one of the most important events this year from Australia's viewpoint, and many Australians would say it's more important than our own elections, held in October.

Australians everywhere will be glued to their TV sets and radios, and in this, one of the great gambling countries of the world, literally millions of people will be betting on the outcome. Some only a dollar, others (literally) millions. Virtually every Government and Commercial Office will be running sweepstakes on this crucial issue, who is going to win and by how much. It's that important to us.

My personal prediction of the winner of the race ? Well, let's put it this way : the winner will have a face like a horse, and not be from Texas. I'm not going for the favourite, as I think it's way too close to call.

I'm going for Vinnie Roe, by a nose.

Oh yes, and in the other race that day? Hopefully, like the election we had that the MSM said was "too close to call", the incumbent by a landslide. But I wouldn't bet on it.

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