Thursday, 30 December 2004

Earthquake Poll

Cruising the net, especially over at the Democratic Underground, I found a number of novel theories about the cause of the latest disaster. So I collated some of the more, er, interesting leftist theories, and thought I'd conduct a poll.

For Leftists - What caused the Indian Ocean Earthquake?

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In case you think me guilty of exaggeration, here are a few from DU:

Bush Reversing Earth's Rotation
Evidence it was a man-made disaster
Contamination by 'Space Stuff', 'Electronic Stuff' etc
Global Warming
Seismic Tests near Australia

...and so on.

UPDATE : The good people over at SIAW show an example of tolerance sans pareil. Not everyone on the left, even the far-left, is Idiotarian and counter-rational. Some are not merely tolerant of people not in complete agreement with Party Doctrine, they also have a very human sense of the ridiculous, and a complete lack of self-importance.

UPDATE : UK Indymedia prefers US Secret Weapons, one of Greenpeace UK's directors favours global warming", claiming this natural disaster is "no more natural than a plastic Christmas tree". That's Holiday Tree in America.

Meanwhile, just to prove there are complete loons on the Right too, Westboro Baptist Church thanks God for smiting 2000 Swedish Gays. All I can say is that the God of Pastor Phelps has lousy aim, 100,000 innocents killed just to punish 2,000 sinners? Holy Collateral Damage, Batman! And if the Buddhists are right, his next incarnation is probably going to be as a particle of HIV.

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