Tuesday 26 July 2005

Good Timing

4 Corners, probably the best Australian Current Affairs show (despite the occasional atrocity), has a program that is germane to my situation.
Scientists are now looking beyond chromosomes to "brain sex" and the role of newly discovered genes in determining gender.

And Tex of Whacking Day writes :
The always-interesting blogger A.E. Brain gets more interesting by the day.
As in "May You Live In Interesting Times".

But I'm actually starting to enjoy it. Though looking at the lyrics... Nah. This is closer, but "Che" Lip Balm? Nope. I'll just have to be an Original. And I quite like that concept.

See what I mean by a rapid change? All it took was 10 weeks to turn my life upside-down and give it a good shake. But I'm so glad it happened.

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Rob_NC said...

..you know the brain is such a powerful organ.Just think if Alan is going to be Alana;what's next Hillary starts to wear the pants and Bill wears the satin..oh wait that already has happened..never mind carry on..hey Alana remember blondes ALWAYS have more fun...and money well never seams to be a problem..((-;