Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Yet Another New Icon

ZoeOK, so I'm narcissistic. It's just that it really is the most accurate (and least grainy) pic of me that exists at the moment. Slightly gamma corrected and cropped.

That's the photo, not me, my gender correction and cropping will be some time in the future. I hope to look rather better by then, too.


danman said...

Can old friends recognise you anymore? You dont look like a guy.

Zoe Brain said...

Here's what a girlfriend of mine from my College Days said:

those pictures are interesting -in the old ones you look exactly like i remember, in the new ones i see your face has some similarity..but actually i think you look more like yourself somehow

She hasn't seen me for over a decade.

And thanks for saying I don't look like a guy. Few women want to be told they do.