Saturday, 15 October 2005

Monthly Mugshot Update

One of the problems with having a rapidly changing appearance is that I no sooner update my pic on the blog before I really should start thinking about getting a more recnt, and accurate, one put there instead.

This one was taken on 12th October, a month and 2 days after the previous one.

Old :

New :


Rachel Croucher said...

you actually appear more comfortable in the old one, but hey, what would I know?!

Zoe Brain said...

Ah, the miracles that dim lighting and soft focus can achieve.

In the first one, I was aiming for "happy". Actually not aiming for anything at all, just allowing my happiness at finally doing something about the awful situation to shine through.

In the second, I was confident enough to have a picture rather sharper and more detailed, not concealing quite so many faults. And I was feeling enigmatic that day. Probably more me.

Alas, there's still a lot to be done (like the throat...OMG). But I'm getting there. The best really is yet to come.

As for "what would I know"?, probably more than you think. "Comfort" is not exactly a word I'd describe for any stage of transition. Joy, Exhiliration, yes, but comfort... nope. Not yet. In a few years, maybe.

Getting born into the wrong shaped body isn't too bad at first. Sure, you're completely uninterested in things boyish (like other girls, you tend to take a condescending and sneeringly superior attitude to them). But other girls won't play with you, you're wearing the wrong clothes.

You know you're different, not exactly sure why. You've been assigned to the wrong category, for reasons unknown. So you play the role you've been given, you're just not a "natural" like everyone else.

About age 12... well, let's not go there. You should thank your lucky stars that you don't have this congenital defect though. So many people take things like sight, hearing, the ability to walk, or the right body shape for granted.

But I'm slowly getting mine fixed, and the 1 in 500 women who are TS, well, in middle age they often look better than their GG (genetic girl) counterparts. Those that can transition successfully that is... a lot don't make it.

On the other hand, living as a guy for 32 years is an interesting experience. Just not one I'd care to repeat. Or continue for a picosecond longer than I had to.

Thanks for the honest opinion, and the diplomatic disclaimer BTW. That was kind of you. :)