Saturday, 26 November 2005

Fun and Games

For Engineers and College Students, there's this one, or even this one.

For Cat Lovers, there's the Kitten Cannon.

For those who are afficionados of the "unfortunate turn of phrase", there's a gem from This Is True :
The Arlington campus of the University of Texas hosted a debate about pornography. Porn actor Ron Jeremy was faced down by anti-porn author Susan Cole, and they debated the pros and cons of consuming porn in the Bluebonnet Ballroom, according to the campus newspaper, the Shorthorn. Pornography has positive points, Jeremy insisted. Couples, for instance, can "look at some of the positions we do and re-enact them," he said. "It's cute." Cole criticized porn. "It's ironic to me that a country who celebrates individualism is eager to swallow everything pornography shoves down their throats," she complained. (University of Texas Shorthorn)

Finally, and just for time-wasting fun, courtesy of reader Christine Nicholls, there's this , from BlueBall :

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