Tuesday, 15 November 2005


From NPR's program, "This American Life", a 1-hour Audio Presentation well worth listening to. It could change your mind. Not the program, testosterone.
Stories of people getting more testosterone and coming to regret it. And of people losing it and coming to appreciate life without it. The pros and cons of the hormone of desire.
Personally, the first part sounds like a classic case of clinical depression caused by hormonal imbalance, rather than direct effects. But it still shows how you don't have to be unhappy to be dysfunctionally depressed (but it helps...). I'm no psychologist, but been there, done that when my metabolism went a little screwy.

The second part is about a Man born in the body of a woman, and his experiences when he started experiencing life with a blood chemistry that matched his brain's morphology. My own experiences, mirrored.

The third part is about Competition and Testosterone - and divisiveness.

The fourth part is an excruciatingly embarressing exercise by a mother who loves her 15 year old son very dearly, but clearly has no idea how hideous an ordeal she's putting him through.

Worth a listen to anyway. Requires Real Player.

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