Thursday, 15 December 2005

Geek Girls

Two Geek Girls, 22 years apart in age, but not in mind. Amber and her Aunt Zoe.

This one's for Chris and Amber.

When the changes started happening in May, one of my concerns was whether living in a male role for 47 years had warped my natural personality so much that I'd always be something not quite female, though certainly not male.

Fortunately I had a role model. My Niece. Now she's the archetypical Geek Girl, and always had been. At a time in her life that was very rough, one of the best things I ever managed to do was get her a top-of-the-line SoundBlaster card for her computer, and a few games, none of which were available in Australia yet. All at her request, she still knows a lot more about hardware than I ever will. Cheered her up no end.

Amber showed me that it's possible to be a Geek Girl, and still be completely Feminine. The male hormones I've had in my system have made major and permanent changes to my anatomy, my skeleton in particular, but not to my mind.

Both Amber and her partner Chris (who despite being a long-hair geek is a really nice guy) have both been terribly supportive when I needed it most. I just wanted to say "Thanks", and in public.

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Anonymous said...

looking good Zoe.

And civ Iv is a nice game if Amber is bored. But its needs a good system to work (tough luck if you only have the min specs). And some people are reporting that its unreliable :(