Thursday, 9 February 2006

More Medical Weirdness

I've just gotten home after my usual 3-monthly trip to Sydney, to see Prof Steinbeck, my endocrinologist.

It was as I feared, the latest blood tests are inexplicable. The SHBG levels and Oestrodiol levels are below pre-therapy levels, and are inconsistent with the results for Follicular Hormone and Lutinising Hormone levels.

So, I'm now on a new course - instead of 100 mcg 17B-oestrodiol by patch, I'm on a whopping 8 mg of Oestrodiol valerate orally, as a prelude to bigger and better things later.

One tiny problem - Medicare has me down as Female now. Back in August, I was prsecribed the powerful Anti-Androgen Androcur for "reduction of sex drive in deviant males", so got put on the list of people undergoing voluntary chemical castration - mainly rapists trying to reduce their sentences.
But now, I'm getting the same thing for "prevention of androgenisation in a non-pregnant female". Usually a smaller dose is used for that, I fear there will be repercussions.

But the Prof wasn't going to allow this bureaucratic snafu to prevent him doing what was in the patient's best interests. He may cop some serious flack about it later though, and he knows it.

I'm very glad he's my endocrinologist.

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