Friday, 28 April 2006

Situation Normal

I'm still in tears over the previous post. It's not the mean-spirited and heartless decision, contrary to the child's welfare and any concept of justice. That's to be expected when the Courts (especially Family law Courts) deal with Transsexuals, it's par for the course.

I mean, what kind of mother could do something like that? She already had sole custody. This was just to deny her former partner any contact with the little boy that called him "Daddy".

What type of treatment is she going to give her son? How could any woman do such a thing? How could any Human Being do such a thing?

Ah me. I wish the little bloke all the best, I think he's going to need it.

I just saw my GP today, a marvellous guy who's helped over thirty women and a few men transition.

It's been about a year since I first saw him, 50 weeks exactly, and we had a quick review of all that's happened.

I asked him about what happened to me in the first few months.

His reaction?

"We don't understand any of it."

"The Prof's been doing this for over 30 years, I've seen dozens of his patients, and some weird hormone regimes, but nothing like yours. He's seen it all."

"I'm still learning."

"You're a Freak. Your FSH and LH levels are too low to measure, despite the changes in oestrogen levels. Your SHBG levels don't make sense, your androgens are all over the place. You've gained 8 kilos in 3 months, but you'd lost 10 over the previous 3. I just don't understand any of these results."

"You metabolism is weird, and none of the normal rules apply. We're playing this by ear, there's no precedents."

I left his office with a dirty great smile beaming on my face. Nice to know that things haven't changed.

I love it when I can trust my medics to tell me everything, good, bad, or indifferent. I'm in good hands.

Unlike a certain little boy in Illinois, who my heart goes out to right now.

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Unknown said...

Hi Zoe,

Congratulations on not being normal! And regarding your previous post, I too can't see the point in such cruelty.

As I think I mentioned to you before, how does giving someone else rights take yours away? I can't see how allowing someone to live their life how they see fit somehow damages others who choose to live their lives differently. Very sad.

Take care.