Sunday 15 July 2007

I Think therefore I Am, I think

I've been nominated by Calamity Jane for a Thinking Blogger award. Gosh.

Jane's just as Geeky as I am, though in a lower-key way, and has been afflicted with far more than her fair share of medical woes. Despite that, her blog is enthusiastically, even infectiously spirited, and always worth a read. I find her inspirational.

I'll just quote her on her other nominations, and you'll see what I mean:

Glamourpuss - What can I say about Chez Glamour? It does what it says on the tin. Puss writes about her life as the glamourous-pole-dance-instructor-about-town, her highly entertaining memoirs are delivered in a razor sharp, distinctly cerebral fashion.

Goth - No-one could accuse our lad of posting any old tat on his blog. It's definitely a blog for thinkers, why I often sit and think, 'Goth, what the hell are you smoking?' :-)

DQ - Between you and me, I think DQ thinks too much sometimes but then again she is a drama queen and she's had an unsettling few months. Que sera sera honey - everything will all work out for the best.

Claire - Claire's 3 Beautiful Things concept is a lovely thing to behold, no rants, no tears, just serenity. It takes some thought in this day and age to carry that off and she does it err, beautifully.
Go over to her post and follow the links to those sites.

Now for my own.

Entirely Madd - Matt is into Better Living Through Chemistry - bonding energies and so on rather than recreational stuff - but also blogs about entertaining Geekiness such as, well, this.

Lloyd's "It looks different from here" - "Irregular postings on science, politics, science fiction, games, comics, history and whatever takes my fancy.". Exactly.

Rocket Jones - it's about Rockets, obviously. Also Cooking, Politics, Movie Reviews, the world's most expensive Calamari...

ImpactEDNurse - the blog of a nurse condemned to work in Canberra's Emergency Department.

Ninme - "frequent ranting, infrequent brilliance, and consistently passionate catblogging." What else is there to say?

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